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Waxing Poetic

This week is exhilarating. I have so much to look forward to. Is there anyone NOT watching “Lost?” Because if so you’re dead to me. I was this close to making a “Lost” advent calendar to track the days until the new episode. And I totally would have, but I’m lazy.

Seriously, I’m ecstatic.

And it seems like there’s another big event this week.


Yeah, yeah… I’m kidding. Like I could forget about today! Last night I was pajama clad and in bed by 9:00 pm. Not because I was especially tired, but because I knew the sooner I went to bed, the sooner I’d wake to inauguration day.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for, there’s no denying today is a historical day. I’m so proud of my country for voting Barak Obama into office. A man who will, without a doubt, make an excellent President of the United States to all Americans. My Tivo is set to record news coverage on two stations, and I set my old school VRC as backup. I can’t miss a second of this.

It’s feels just like Christmas morning. Only this Christmas will last the next four years.

Bring it Obama!


  • This is a bit of a historical moment for me too. It is the first time in my life I have been dead to someone. It makes me feel a bit … lost, but still excited.

    Many of my forefathers have been dead to lots of people, but most of them only after they died. This could be the first time I am advanced on anything.

  • Hey Sarah, I love you and read your blog religiously every day. I agree that today is historic and we should all take time to appreciate it. I personally am not ready to say that “without a doubt” President Obama will make an excellent President for everyone. I am hopeful that he will, but I think that actions speak louder than words and we will have to wait and see. But I am hopeful that you are right.

  • I love that he’s a constitutional law professor. Somehow that makes me feel really good. And it makes me feel good that the transition from 42-43 has gone off so well and respectful. I take comfort in a president who brings people together regardless of different opinions.

    I know most people seem to be getting swept up in this whole “turn the page” thing and the mental masturbation of the moment but I think it’s alright.
    I may make silly jokes to lighten the mood help ground us in the reality of the situation but I think we all deserve one day to let our hopes and dreams for improvement to run wild… that said, if daisy permits, I say dress her up in a sexy Abraham Lincoln beard and hat and put a little T-shirt of Obama on her that says “Biggy Forever”.

  • whoops. 43-44 I mean. Got my numbers wrong… Bad oman.

  • Yep I agree, today is a great day. Actually the inageration is going on as I type. I better let you go now.

  • I think I-Day should be a paid vacation holiday for everyone. I’m sitting at work not watching the inaug! I’m going to try to find it online and watch it, because I’ve spent the last 8 years trying to avoid any words from the president, and now I want to pull my head out of the sand and rejoice in the fact that I am no longer ashamed of our leader!

  • I have been watching too and agree with you about the historic-ness of the day.

    I am excited to see how things progrss!

  • Finally Hope, Change and forward progress…Lets hopefully dig out of this massive DAMN hole we are in and get back to the America that we can and should be… GREAT

  • You forgot it’s also free makeup day. If you bought makeup between 1994 and 2003, then you’re part of the class action lawsuit. Go to their website http://www.cosmeticssettlement.com/ to see which local store you can visit to pick up your free cosmetic product.

  • Happy Obama Day! What a wonderful day it is!

  • Reboot America.

  • I’ve never seen a single second of Lost. Am I a bad person?

  • Ok, first off, I am going to just nod and lie and say I watch Lost:)

    Also, it’s so amazing, goosebumps, tears, amazing.

  • I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night. I was still awake at 4 AM watching the pre-inauguration coverage. By the eighth or ninth time they are recycled, CNN’s interesting facts at the bottom of the screen stop being very interesting. So, after three hours of sleep, I am now functioning on caffeine and adrenaline.

  • On the subject of Lost – I cannot wait either!!! And did you know that Jorge Garcia has a blog? (dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot)

  • So of course I had to work as everything was happening plus I have class tonight! But don’t you worry, I too have the DVR set up and can’t wait to get home tonight and watch what almost everyone has already seen, box of tissues in hand.

  • I cried through the whole thing. I am such a GIRL!! And I’m surprised that so many people don’t watch Lost! Are you KIDDING me? Do yourselves a favor and rent the first few seasons. You’ll get hooked and you will thank the rest of us.

  • What a great day! At least we can stop saying President-elect and say adios to cowboy George. And I am probably more excited about the Lost premiere than about the inauguration. My wife has never seen it but watched the season-ender from last year with me and is now hooked. One last thing, fuck off Amy.

  • Yo, Scott the stray, GET LOST. TO THE POUND W ITH YOU.

  • Amen, get a grip. I can’t believe how silly people are. He is just a man…he hasn’t become God yet…

  • On no you didn’t mikey, you went ALL CAPS ON ME! Because people are truly excited about a new president who happens to be from the party that they are members of and these same people can’t wait to get rid of the guy who has been f-ing things up for the last 8 years we need to get a grip? Really? Because people are really excited about the fact that a country that as little as 40 years ago treated African-americans as second-class citizens and has now elected an African-american president they need to get a grip?

    If someone wants to have an intelligent conversation about Obama (see Shelley #2 comment I surely didn’t mean you mikey)then lets have at it. If you want to drop asinine comments that is your right as well as mine is to tell you to fuck off.

  • I am dead to you…? Is that why it seems cold and smoggy???

  • First Andi advices to get lost – the first few seasons anyway. Then mikey reiterates to GET LOST. I feel the pressure building up.

    Just one question. If I do get lost, will I too be televized in regular episodes?

  • I was totally chomping at the bit for the season of LOST! Obama? Not so much. Sawyer is more my type and looks wayy better wet and shirtless….

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