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Ways to Avoid the Gym

My crazy, OCD friend Kelli drove from San Diego to spend a couple of days with me.  I asked her what she wanted to do with her time here and when her list included multiple trips to the gym, cleaning my apartment and math homework I immediately came down with a case of strep throat in hopes to avoid every single item on her list.

I forgot one minor detail: the girl is immune to strep.

Kelli has never had strep throat in her entire life; meanwhile I get it at least once a year.  I’m guessing the germs are scared of her.  I certainly am.

She still made me do math homework, but instead of a trip to the gym she parked herself next to me on the couch all day while I coughed and whined about not feeling well.  She did not, however, do my laundry, organize my shoe closet by color, wash my walls, vaccum my stair, or scrub my bathroom with a toothbrush–so much for using her mental illness to my advantage.


  • Do you still have your tonsils? Both my adult children had many cases of strep throat and eventually had to have their tonsils removed. Once removed, they have been fine. Suggest you see a Ear Nose and Throat doc as regular docs just kept giving drugs which stopped working.

  • She should come visit me

    I’ve never had strep either, just lucky I guess. Feel better soon!

  • You make fun of me now for having a color-coded and organized closet, but I promise you’ll have closet envy when you see mine. It’s pretty much a work of art.

    And your stairs did not need vacuuming, obviously you’ve been doing that on the down-low. I’m on to you and your “srep.”

    Oh, and the whole bathroom/toothbrush thing? If I were you, I’d probably buy a new toothbrush and NOT use the one that is in the holder right now. Let’s just say I didn’t take multiple trips to the bathroom yesterday because I drank too much coffee…

  • i despise vacuuming the stairs

  • Hope you’re feeling better!

  • By the way, my throat has been a little sore the past couple of days. If I get sick I am totally blaming you! Sure you sat across the table at lunch, but those germs have a tricky way of jumping really far distances. Good news is I have forgiven you already. I can’t stay mad.

  • Did she at least vacuum your outside for you?

  • Geez! If she had done those things for you, then it would’ve been like she had gone to the gym too!

  • Good thing I’m not home for the holiday because I would have caught strep throat! I have successfully gone 4 years now without catching that damn bug, I’m hoping this will be year #5!

    BTW, do you think you could pack Kel with you and leave her at O’Hare on your way through? I promise I will take great care of her and have her waiting at O’Hare on your return trip from DC.

  • Sorry to hear your not well, but there is nothing like the company of a friend to make u feel better… unless that friend refuses to clean your house.. hehehe =o)

    Get better soon!

  • Dude..Send her my way. Vegas isn’t too far from San Diego..Tell her I’ll take her out to the Strip for a day organizing my closet.

  • I avoid the gym by looking up “Ways to avoid the gym” and came across this!

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