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Welcome to my Life

When I stopped dating Non-Troll Doll I decided there was no reason for me to change my grocery store.  We’re still friendly with one another; so seeing each other while shopping is no big deal.

Last night was the first time I’ve run across NTD.  I was in the cereal isle when I noticed him.  So of course I said, “Hey douchebag, move your fucking cart; you’re in my way.”

And of course the man turned around and it wasn’t NTD.

And of course he was hot.

And of course I looked like a total asshole.

I apologized telling him I thought he was someone I used to date.  He laughed and said, “Well no wonder you two are no longer dating.  Most guys don’t like to be called douchebags.”

He did not ask for my number, how odd.


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