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Welcome to Poverty

I am now a part-time employee.

No, the economy didn’t hit the agency I work for (thankfully), but rather I made the decision to cut back my hours so I could focus on finishing my degree.

It’s been incredibly difficult working full-time while taking night classes, and I’m at a point now where the classes I need aren’t offered at night. I feel really good about my decision and haven’t second-guessed myself once. WHICH IS RARE!

Knowing I made the right decision doesn’t stop me from being absolutely terrified. I’m worried about EVERYTHING. Obviously finances are at the top of that list. Coming up with tuition and textbook money was challenging when I had a full-time job, so you can imagine it’s going to take some very creative budgeting to survive.

And the other stuff? HOLY SHIT. Will I be able to pay my rent? Buy groceries? Food for Daisy? And what about the small stuff like a decent bag to can hold all those expensive books. Or the ever-important health and car insurance?


I’m so fucking freaked out. Someone give me a paper bag quick… I’m hyperventilating. And while you’re at it send food. Or hookers. Or hookers with food to feed me. Yeah, that should work. Everyone knows hookers are the solution for all of life’s challenges.


  • Man, Sarah, this is pretty much how I lived my life too. It does suck.

  • Well, I’ll hold off on the hookers. But I’ll spearhead a food drive for your benefit. Non-perishable items can be left in bins placed strategically with a picture of Daisy and the caption “Please Feed My Owner.”

  • good for you! finishing your degree is an amazing accomplishment. you will be so glad you did it! here’s to raman noodles and tap water!

  • I’m not sure I’d want to eat whatever food the hookers were bringing…unless it was chocolate (in that case, I don’t care who brought it.) What about student loans? I should know about those, since I owe about eleventy million dollars to the government! Good for you for making that commitment!

  • Well just remember this is temporary! And getting your degree is the most important.

    And adding an extra ad or two on here won’t hurt. ;-)

    Um, the hookers? Skip those. Just another mouth to feed.

  • Doesn’t this blog pay you more than you could ever dream of?

  • What about becoming a hooker to make extra money?

  • I made, like, $17,000/year for my first real job. I made ends meet by stealing a lot of household supplies from my office, flirting for drinks and going to free concerts only. It was tough, but it was one of the most fun years I can remember.

  • Finishing the degree is the best decision you can make. Go on lots of dates for food and make sure HE pays. Even if you don’t like the dude, hey, free food. Can you negotiate with your employer to still somehow stay on their health plan?

  • Good for you! I hope it all goes well…that’s a brave choice. And really, shouldn’t RLO be taking care of all the little extras?

  • Move in with RLO. Make him pay for your room and board. He owes you for being nicer to him. plus, itt will help your financial situation AND your Sugar problem ;)

  • Hookers will teach you the skills you’ll need to survive after you’ve been evicted, and run out of food (having already eaten Daisy, of course).

  • I normally make a point not to help the poor but we do have a pug to think about.

    1. FIrst things first. I need you go take up the cello. That’s the big one. It’s a big cumbersome and promotes sympathy when in hobble mode.

    2. Daisy needs to help out with this one. Have you ever made a cast? Well we need one about the size of Daisy’s leg… in fact let’s do two. There’s nothing more depressing than a house pet with two casts. Yes yes, no one likes to look at the poor and their hobbly wobbly pug. That’s why we through in a counter balance of what I call the puppy elf hat… we’ll come back to that later.

    3. This is the easy part. In fact you’re probably already way ahead on this one. Don’t wear any pants. We’ll put together a diaper out of several New Kids On the Block reunion tour t-shirts. (yeah, we were all let down with that one)

    4. Lastly we need you to talk in third person. Nothing is more charming than a blogger who refers to him/her self. It hints at multiple personalities… more mouths to feed. (wink)

    If you do this right we’ll get a half page in the City Weekly. Then we’re on easy street.

    K, meet me at the Broadway at about 6pm. Bring your gucci bag. Trust me.

  • Stop worrying!! Jesus Christ Obama will be voted into office next week…remember he is going to be paying for everybody’s mortgage, and you will be getting a $3000.00 tax refund.

    In all seriousness, things always have a way of working out. There is a lot of freelance writing work available on Craig’s List if that helps…

  • You can do it! When I was finishing my degree, I made $300 per month working part time, and paid half of that to rent. My rent was so low because I shared an apartment with 3 other girls. That still didn’t leave much to live on, but at the time I didn’t have a cellphone, and I was willing to eat a jar of maraschino cherries for dinner when I had no other food in the house, and no money. I was poor, but happy, oddly enough.

    I hope your situation won’t be as tight as mine was, but just believe me when I say that you can make it when you have to.

  • Good for you and good luck with your new budget! My husband just got laid off and we are already learning how to be very creative with our finances. Two words…ramen noodles.

  • I’m available to tend your garden and walk Daisy. I also do an outstanding spongebath. I will provide references on request.

  • if i could, i’d have sent you a case of french and italian wine to get you through the first weeks, it usually gets easier after that. i guess imaginary wine is the best i can do. good luck!

  • I agree with Lincoln, quit your day job and become a hooker yourself, that’s where the big bucks are! On second thought, maybe you should start a porno blog. It could be just like this blog but minus the clothes!

  • With my current unemployement I’ve considered many options to make money, but have finally settled on selling my eggs. $10,000. Think about it.

  • The U offers health insurance for students- I am not sure the price but you’ll want to look into that

  • Hi Sarah,

    How exciting! You must be in the home stretch on your school as well. Why not take out a student loan instead of trying to pay out of pocket while you are in school?

    Also, it is much cheaper to cook from scratch than to eat out, or buy boxes of stuff to microwave. I have not been reading your blog for a long time, so I do not understand who the RLO guy is, but I remember he cooks, so this would be an excuse to get him to spend time with you.

    If you are comfortable letting go of your health insurance, do it. You can get a thing called gap insurance. It “gaps” the time between health insurance through employers. It is major medical insurance, so if you are seriously ill or injured you are covered in full after the deductible. It does not cover office visits and prescriptions.

    If you do not have anything chronic going on, you should be ok. I am allergic to everything. I found paying out of pocket for the offices visit and allergy meds was cheaper than the cost of the insurance premium for COBRA. Also if doctors know you do not have insurance, they often are kind with thier fees, and give you sample meds instead of you having to pay for them.

    I wish you luck, and hope these ideas help. They all worked out great for me.

  • Office visit insurance copay $30. “Discounted cash price” for office visit $38. True story for me this week when I showed up only to hear “Oh, we don’t take your insurance anymore.”

    You’ll make it through. You can come clip coupons with Sue and me on Sunday mornings if you want to.

    Also, you luck out because you’re friends with suburban families and they almost ALWAYS have leftovers from making too much dinner, and would likely be delighted to share their food in exchange for your company.

  • Honey, have you thought about financial aid? I’m a 32 yr old single woman putting myself through law school in Montana, 100% on my own. I totally understand all your finance-stress-related posts. The only way it’s possible for me is with financial aid. I go to school full-time and work two part-time jobs. I know going into debt is tough, but I promise you, it is so worth it, if you’re willing to work. You can do this, lady!

  • Good Luck Sarah – you can do it! Come over to our place and eat any time! Daisy can eat Kuba’s food to.

  • You are brave!

    I’d be afraid to cut back my hours and I don’t even go to school.

  • The day I don’t read your blog you drop a bomb like this!
    Well, I’ll tell you the same thing you told me when I started back to school and was worried about having money to eat: “I’ll share a box of Mac & Cheese with you any day!” While I was never able to take you up on it (due to my cat having hair and all), the offer is still there. I’ll supply the box, you provide the pad!
    I just re-read that last sentence…um…you know what I mean, right?

  • Where are your hysterical twitters?

  • Yay! I know it will be difficult to live on a part-time salary but it will make school far more manageable.

  • Well first thing’s first COBRA. Or I could adopt you and you could be on my health insurance. Whichever works.

    Second now I understand the freelance questions. So there’s always that.

    And finally, thank God, Yellow Tail is only $7 a bottle.

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