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Wet Cats are the New Black

With her new found youth Daisy has been especially hyper lately.  Which is cute, certainly, but can also drive me stark raving mad.

For example, this morning she wanted so badly to play but I ignored her and climbed into the shower.  Rather than her usual morning routine of sleeping on the bathroom floor she brought her stuffed animals into the bathroom, even pushing her Hello Kitty toy into the tub.  So there, in my shower was a wet kitty.  Go ahead and make your own naughty joke here… must I do all the work around here?

Completely annoyed I ignored the dripping wet toy and got out of the shower.  In the process of putting on my robe I tripped over her elephant chew toy.  That’s right, my dog crosses party lines.  The thought made me laugh so hard that I got dressed, ignored the time and took her for a nice, leisurely walk, which resulted in being late for my morning class.

Thankfully the professor didn’t call me out on it.  Otherwise I would have been forced to explain that I’m late for class due to a wet pussy, and there’s no possible way to say something like that without sounding like a sleaze.


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