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What kind of wine do you pair with shit?

Yesterday I spend a significant amount of time looking at local classifieds for a pug puppy to bring home.

And then I came home to Daisy eating her own shit in the backyard.

After a considerable amount of dry heaving and a few tears later,  I took her into the house to clean her up. I put her in the tub and brushed the shit out of her teeth. Literally. I was still worried about her catching pink eye, athrax, cyptosporidioosis, anthrax, hantavirus and every other communicable disease imaginable, so I decided to use something that would kill bacteria.

Enter half a bottle of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes.

Enter a semi-reportable case of animal cruelty.

Poor, poor Daisy. SHIT EATING DAISY.

Afterward I felt guilty that I pretty much put bleach in her mouth so I gave her a treat and poured myself a glass of wine. Which I promptly set down in order to put the cleaning supplies away. In my STILL panicked state I accidentally set the glass where Daisy could reach it.


Um, yeah. I think I have a wino pug. I also think it’s safe to say we both deserved the wine buzz we got last night.


  • My dog eats her own shit all the time. It’s awful. The worst is when she burps and it smells like a fart.

  • I had a golden retriever that used to eat his excrement. Hated when I brushed his fur while he panted. Kind of disgusting, but dogs eat crap, unfortunately.

  • She needed to get the shit/Lysol taste out of her mouth.

  • It is so common they even have a name for it (carfagia I think?) You can buy stuff to stick in their food but it never worked for my dog.

  • One word to you – PINEAPPLE.

    Fee her a couple of pieces of pineapple and she will stop. We have a bull mastiff that has that nasty habit and we feed him a couple of pices of pineapple with his meal and voila, he stopped doing it.

    Apparently the pineapple makes the taste of shit worse (if that is even possible!) and the dog will steer clear of it.

    Good luck!

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