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What Nerds Drive at Work

Last month a co-worker gave the office nerds remote control cars to thank them for all their hard work. This was also the same day I started cursing more at the office.

I don’t know what’s more annoying: tripping over a car and falling on your face or trying to explain to clients the background noise they hear is a bunch of toy cars. Rather than putting a contract on their heads I decided I had to find a way to embrace their dumb toys. It took weeks, but I finally found a use for the toys:

Soda Delivery

Sporty Nerd was thrilled at the idea of delivering my drinks all day, but since the office doesn’t stock vodka tonics he didn’t have much to do after one delivery. Being a resourceful nerd he quickly found that driving notes to my desk was not only better than soda delivery, but also more efficient than email.
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