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Where else would I stick a pen?

It’s been a rough week and it’s only Wednesday. Thankfully some dead presidents gave me an upcoming long weekend. I need it. Badly.

Yesterday I got home from school and noticed something odd about my reflection in the mirror. There, in my messy ponytail, I found two pens. I don’t recall sticking them in my hair, but I’ve had very little sleep this week so I don’t recall much. And worse? Only one of those pens belongs to me.

At the start of my second class I realized I had lost my pen, so I borrowed one from a girl sitting next to me. I somehow managed to misplace my pen, and her pen IN MY FREAKING UNWASHED HAIR! Did I mention the part where I’m running on very little sleep?

Thankfully it wasn’t a math class because I could have easily stuck a calculator in this mess and not noticed.


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