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Why are nerds always trying to get me killed? Sure I deserve it, but still…

Action Nerd: “ Hey Sarah, if the four of us climb K2 you’re going to have to die… OK?”

Me: “First of all no, and secondly why would the four of us even do that?! We can’t make it to the freaking hot dog cart together, let alone climb the world’s second largest mountain.”

Action Nerd: “Whatever. You’re going.”

Me: “No, I’m not.. besides why do I have to die? Art Nerd is way more likely to die.”

Action Nerd: “Sarah, only one in four people survive and they are never women. You’re just going to have to die so we can live.”

Me: “I’m not dying for you jerks. Plus, if I’m going to climb a mountain it’s sure as hell not going to be with three nerds. That’s days of math, chemistry and code talk. No way.”

Action Nerd: “Sarah, if the safety of your family were at stake, then  would you climb it with us?”

Me: “Fine. If someone threatened to kill my family unless I climbed K2 with a group of nerds, well, then I’d go.”

Action Nerd: “Sweet, you’re committed.”


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