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Winning Feels So Good

Thanks to everyone who commented on my giveaway. We didn’t get as many comments as last time, but I’m taking the blame. I didn’t pimp it out as much as I did before. I’ve been way too busy enjoying my freedom. That freedom, by the way, ends today. My classes start tomorrow… but you don’t want to hear about that, you’d rather hear who won. I don’t blame you!

The winners of the Eden Fantasy’s giveaway are:

Comment 381 was left by my friend Kelli, which feels so weird! Kelli is engaged to one of my dearest friends. It grosses me out to think she’d going to call me to tell me what she buys and then proceed to tell me all about using it. Pretty much I hate randomizer and want to barf.

Comment 118 was left by Bex. I’m thrilled she won because her comment was: “Sarah, you have pretty hair!” Apparently flattery really does get you everywhere.

Congrats girls! Enjoy your winnings.


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