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Yet Another Break-Up

Dear Robert Redford,

I’m over Sundance and therefore feel like I should break up with you as well. After years of attending I’m not nearly as excited to go as I once was. Ticket prices have doubled since I started attending and actually getting the films you want is nearly impossible. I did, however, get a few good documentaries and a free dose of humiliation. There are ways to prevent this–I’ll explain.

When choosing where to place your volunteers never, ever put the hard of hearing at the ticket counter. When you are placing an order and you are asked to repeat the film name over and over until you’re yelling it for all to hear it sucks, because undoubtedly the movie will be Good Dicks, causing said elder, female volunteer to blush and you’ll look end up looking like a dirty pervert.

Think ahead and also please stop sucking my bank account dry.



  • I broke up with Sundance when I broke up with my actress girlfriend a few years back. I could never take it seriously after that.

  • Amen to that! 15 bucks for a guaranteed ticket and 10 bucks for wait-list? I want to see three films, and it’ll cost me $60-90 if I take the beau. Now that’s getting ridiculous!

  • True, but when else will you ever see a movie titled Good Dicks or Teeth (about the always worrisome vagina dentata) in Utah? Last I checked Larry Miller wasn’t leaping out of his super-sized recliner, spilling his jumbo double big gulp and popcorn, to order the underlings to show those films in his theatre.

    We’ll have to compare film schedules…

  • much as you are over sundance…I find the regret I’ve felt for never having experienced it…fading year after year.

  • Maybe the volunteer should know that there may be questionable movie names before volunteering. That isn’t your fault.

  • had similar problems at my locals-only ticket buy this last weekend. In the rush to get in where every second counts to get one of the few tix remaining we ended up getting a volunteer who couldnt type and was a newbie on the system. she had to enter our requests three times (and have us read them to her loudly – was it the same person?). She screwed up the system and finally had to get a ticket supervisor over to re-register our account… Alas we didnt get one of our requests which was listed as available when we started.

  • AK -

    Me experience was the same. 40 minutes of standing there in a pool of sweat, as the cl00 free ticket person had to delete and re-add my tickets to the cart 3 times. Finally, they had to call a supervisor over to work some puter magic. Luckily, I still got the tickets I originally requested.

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