I love hearing from readers, not as much as I love wine, but a VERY close second!


You can call me phat, but NEVER call me fat.

Over the weekend I helped my friend Summer launch her new blog. To thank me she called me fat. No really, she did.  Not phat, which I totally am by the way, but fat.


She didn’t word it exactly the same way. She’s way too nice for that. Instead she offered me training sessions with her personal trainer boyfriend which is exactly the same thing as calling me fat. Or maybe she just wants someone else to suffer as much as she is. Their Friday night dates are held at the gym more often than that. If he weren’t such a nice guy I’d insist she break up with him.

I’m training with Mr. Summer tomorrow. So if you don’t hear from me he’s obviously murdered me with a dumbbell. And no Summer, you can’t inherit my blog. You’ve got a pretty one of your own now.


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