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Zebra Boob

How do you cure klutziness? Is there a magic pill or mind relaxation tapes?

I’m constantly in a rush. I love the concept of time, but I just don’t grasp it. I’m constantly late. I was born two weeks late and it sorta stuck with me for life. I always wanted to be considered a “lifer” but for something other than being punctually-challenged.

Between constantly rushing and my natural klutz-like behavior I’m getting hurt a lot. Until now it’s just been slight bruising, and the occasional paper cut. Yesterday it was slightly more serious–I burnt my right boob. Yes, seriously.

I was rushing while getting ready for work. I like to do things in order: shower, get dressed THEN do my hair. I should have known mixing the order up would result in harm. I hadn’t decided what I wanted to wear so I was curling my hair in panties only. (Can we please not go there? Thanks!) Being my klutzy self I dropped my curling iron, and of course it rolled down my chest, leaving me with a zebra stripe looking burn. Don’t get me wrong, I love animal print but usually just on shoes–not human flesh, especially my flesh.


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