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Zits are the New Swine Flu

Would you believe me if I told you I couldn’t write you a worthwhile blog because an especially nasty zit took over my body?

What if I had proof?

This video was taken last Saturday when I went to the Roller Derby with friends. Luckily I didn’t have to purchase a ticket for the zit, or the giant wad of watermelon bubble gum in my mouth. Whew.


  • Cute. My first published film. So what that i was only in the background. I was in it!

    Star…..Sarah’s zit

  • hahaha…that made my night. I have one with its own zip code on my chin right now. Are you coming to the bout on Saturday? Maybe someone could document the series?

  • So that WAS Susan in the film. Awww….I miss you guys!

    Ummm…Susan, you left out a couple of cameos:
    Co-co-star…..Sarah’s gum
    Extra……..Sarah’s cute scarf
    Not seen but should have been there…..Kel

  • Monstrous! But then I remember that I have a scar on my chin that is more prominent than that. Well, it may not stick out as much, but it’s about an inch long. And it never clears up.

    Roller Derby kicks ass.

  • Haha, you’re awesome Sarah. I love the sass in your voice when you told him to fuck off.

  • If I had a zit, I would name it Charlotte.

  • You are a riot! I can’t wait to meet you.

  • God, if I had a slice of cheese stuffed pizza for every zit I’ve been forced to name after a professor!!

    On second thought, maybe not. I’d pass the 200 lb mark within a day…

  • Awesome Sarah! Wonderful courage. You should be running the country!

  • Worst. Camera guy. EVER.

  • Credits:
    Star…..Sarah’s zit
    Cameraman ..Poop


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